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A New Lease On Life...

Having a coach in your corner adds an extra layer to your lush ecosystem of support. We will always start with a sales call so I can get to know your unique needs and guide you towards the option that supports your highest thrive. 

See What Clients Are Saying

All testimonials are collected from past clients. If they declined consent for their own image, a stock photo was used. 

This lady has changed my life! I've been coached by Amber a number of times over work stress and anxiety, the pressure I place on myself to perform, perfectionism, and jealousy. She always approaches my crazy brain with curiosity and calm, making me question my assumptions about myself and making me see I'm capable of SO. MUCH. MORE than what I give myself credit for. This is the mindset work that will change your life. It's definitely changed mine.

- Rachel C 

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Amber’s approach to coaching is so unique due to her ability to truly listen and provide constructive thoughts and perspectives that can change your entire outlook on the situation. I appreciate my time with her because I feel confident in my ability to hold myself more accountable for my actions and my ability to commit to achieving the goals I strive to achieve. I find these to be the most challenging sessions I’ve sat in just because it is not based in the “yes man” mentality. It is a true commitment to hold myself accountable and genuinely honor myself. Thankful for her infinite wisdom, patience, and grace!

Would definitely recommend.

- Jenae B

For me, the true value in investing in coaching with Amber has been learning to have my own back. Learning to allow my feelings to be my feelings, and not dismiss or attempt to change all “negative” emotions. Guilt is not inherently negative etc.

She really helped me get in touch with and acknowledge what I actually want, and that I can have it, whatever that is. Which is huge step in claiming my authority over my life and making those far off fantasies a real reality!

- Makeba 

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Amber is a great coach. I was attracted to coaching because I thought it could help supplement some of the work I was doing in psychotherapy sessions. It helps me grow in a similar, but different way, when compared to psychotherapy. I didn't often feel like I was taking action after therapy sessions, so coaching with Amber helped me take more action in my life.


Amber helped to break down my thought processes and reframe them. It felt more purposeful or directive than a typical therapy session. Amber also encouraged me to keep practicing breaking down the thought processes, which helped me identify them in other areas of my life. I really enjoyed how we could take a single scenario and apply the thought process to other scenarios.

- Maddie K 

I still remember the first time I was coached by the infamous Amber Taylor. Over the past couple of years, she has been able to help me see how I have agency over my thoughts and experience, especially when it comes to my work life. I never thought work could be a "pleasurable" experience, but now I have so many more moments of clarity and enjoyment in my job. It's an incredibly freeing feeling and has helped me advocate for myself more than ever. Thank you Coach Amber!

- Elise N

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I’ve been working with Amber for a few months well and I can say that the results are rolling in. I have been able to track the shift in my thoughts and thought processing, as well how they impacts my mood and actions. I’ve been able to recognize ACTUAL progress in being able to grieve previous relationships or experiences without succumbing to unhelpful emotions. I’ve started practicing empathy and confidence when addressing myself. And I’ve gotten so much better at honoring the commitments I make with myself, whether personal, or professional.  I’m actually getting shit done and I’m feeling good doing it. Simply put, the program works. Amber works.

3 Year Update: I started with Amber during COVID lockdown. Since then, there are two muscles that have grown incredibly. 

  1. Stopping and correcting negative self talk when I recognize I'm doing it 

  2. Identifying the facts of a situation vs. my feelings regarding that situation. F*cking game changer!

- Lizz M

I came to coaching because I had just been broken up with and I was looking for support to get through it. Amber’s support allowed me to get through this painful experience, focusing on what I was feeling and not allowing me to spiral into negative narratives. She helped me focus on myself instead of prioritizing everyone else but me, work on my people pleasing and get in touch with what I wanted, who I am, and that just being myself is ok and enough.

I am now so much more focused on taking care of myself, my needs and wants, allowing me to show up just as I am and be truly there for others and coming from a place of kindness rather than fear or wanting to achieve a certain result.

I am so much more grounded and confident since working with Amber, being able to support myself and celebrate and enjoy both the little and big things.


This change of perspective is allowing me to rebuild my life on viable foundations and on what I want and what I need. The shift is very empowering. I am also much more aware of my emotions and in touch with them as well as able to process them, to allow them and listen to what they are telling me.

Amber’s kindness and humour really helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I will cherish all the help and support she brought me during this time and she holds a very special place in my heart.

- Rachel B

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