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Speaking Engagements 

Amber has been a special guest on countless podcasts and has taken the stage both in person and virtually. She also delivers custom speaking and workshop experiences. Her key talking points are listed and you can find her features here. Book her for your next event!

Codeswitching is a trauma response, not a badge of honor

This talk centers around how codeswitching for POC isn't an admirable trait but a harmful act to the people that need the most protection. In it, Amber teaches how to become a person who is always in integrity with themselves, who they are, how they show up, the decisions they make, and to what and where they find belonging -  no matter the circumstance. She explains how this skill facilitates an authentic and pleasurable life and how you can implement it.


The Success Trap

Many high achieving Black Women drive themselves through fear, hustle, and pressure. This method isn't only unsustainable, it’s harmful insatiable because nothing is ever good enough so they have to consistently strive for more. This cycle leads to a slow burnout from constantly trying to fill that void. Amber teaches that willpower doesn't create the consistency and determination for prolonged success, pleasure does. In this talk she explains how to change your driving factors from pressure to pleasure so you can find fulfillment and enjoy the journey and the destination


Curate your Experience

I teach my clients to look for the AND over the OR so I've included an option to customize an experience based on the unique needs and interests of your audience. 

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