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Hey There

I'm so happy you're here! I'm on a journey to revolutionize society by teaching Black women how to never settle again by redefining their relationships and prioritizing their pleasure.

Will you join me?

Amber's Story

I've been told that I'm always in the midst of a hero's journey, but ultimately I taught myself how to never settle again. By always having the audacity to choose and be better for myself. Even when things are good enough, I still follow my deepest pleasures. Because I believe, when you prioritize your pleasure. you heal from all the ways you've had to harden yourself over the years. You stop trying to fit into boxes that were never even made for you. You stop  people pleasing, placating, and performing. You start walking in your purpose unapologetically authentic and at peace. And everyone benefits from that exponentially 

But I didn't always see it like this 


After striving to be the best "good girl" and check off every checkbox I could, I paused long enough to realize I wasn't actually happy. It was a lot to reconcile that everything I worked for and thought would make me happy, wasn't working out the way I was counting on. For a long time I tried to push through, make it work, pay my dues, hustle harder until I became more disciplined enough, consistent enough, worthy enough...but that time never came. So instead, I decided to seek and systematically rebuild everything around my joy and desires

Soon after, my life began to reflect this decision. I quit the goodt job I pursued only for money. I left the toxic and abusive marriage I thought was the best that I could get. I started a business utilizing the best of my skills to help others thrive. I moved into my childhood home to heal the relationship with my family. Then I moved downtown for a luxury city girl experience. I created and nurtured deep and meaningful friendships. I transformed my relationship with my body and my spirituality. I healed my relationship with money. Now I'm living as a nomad divesting from hyper-independence and hyper-individualism because I no longer want to do bad all by myself 

At every turn, I've put my pleasure first because it always leads me to my highest good. Now I'm on a mission to revolutionize the experience and perception of a Black woman's lifestyle to one synonymous with success and ease.



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