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The Single Session. No strings attached but this isn't just your average quickie. Indulge in 60 minutes dedicated solely to you and your needs. It's the perfect intro into coaching or a fun recharge for the pros. 

 See What Clients Say

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Your words of wisdom were the key to making the classes work. It really was. I was so tripped up on making the class "meaningful for the students" and "worth their time." But you said I should prioritize my pleasure, and then the question morphed into "what kind of class is meaningful to ME?" "What class is worth MY time?"


From there, I realized there were some thoughts I had unconsciously that acting and improv are silly and frivolous compared to the more academically rigorous work of theatre history and theory. But asking: is that true? What if acting and improv are just as serious? I don't need to MAKE them rigorous. They already are.


I was able to shift from a place of convincing the students it's worth their time, to just coming in with the stance/attitude that of course it's worthy! It is what it is. And most importantly, I get to have a meaningful class experience for myself. And it was scary and fun and I was SO proud of myself at the end of the day. Amber, you gave me those key thoughts that unlocked the whole thing I have been investigating for years. I can't thank you enough!!!!!

Hope B

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