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The Playground

Colorful Macarons


Amber is the perfect combination of direct + playful + insightful + sassy + engaging. She asked questions that resulted in "aha!" moments, but without shaming or making me feel stupid.

In my session with her, we explored some unexamined beliefs I held around selfishness (is taking care of myself first really a bad thing?), identifying in my past trauma (I can't change the fact that trauma is part of my story, but do I want to hold onto that, or tell a new story in my life going forward?), and rest, delight, and pleasure as a right (not a reward for productivity).  


Since our session, I've been leaning hard into delight--everything from tiny delights like rearranging my workspace so my favorite plants are in view, to taking a break during the day to swing at the playground, to really sitting and savoring my cup of coffee in the morning.

Sinking into those things has made bigger ones (like traveling as a private chef for amazing clients, in a beautiful location, staying in lush accommodations, being paid well, and having so much fun!) even more fun--and as I seek delight, it seems to be multiplying!  


I love looking back over my life, gathering the stories of pivotal moments that brought me to where I am today, and my session with Amber is definitely on that list.  Cheers to even more delight! 

This session was amazing! Amber cuts through your bullshit to help you see the truth of your own experience. And she does so beautifully. I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking to connect more deeply to themselves


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