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White Structure


Coaching has always been a part of my DNA. I've always been the person that people just naturally gravitate towards and feel comfortable sharing their inner most thoughts and private details. I've since learned it's because I'm great at holding space for people, a.k.a. I create a safe place for people to live into their truth openly. And have since decided to elaborate on my natural skillset with additional education.

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Professional Certified Coach

I got my first certification from the Life Coach School simply because I wanted to learn more about how I could help myself. Then when I saw the sheer power of these tools and how much my life had changed from using them, I realized how I could help others just like me and how necessary my voice, my experiences, my perspective is in the world.


Advanced Certification in Feminist Coaching

In this certification I learned about the importance of awareness around different lived experiences and marginalized identities. I learned how to implement my understanding of intersectionality to include and help a wider array of people. 

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The School of Embodied Healing Systems

I am currently in process of an in depth science education and practice in trauma healing that focuses on the nervous system and the bodies response to trauma. I am now able to bring this understanding and somatic coaching tools to my clients!

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