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Opt-In to Freedom

We all need support in different capacities at different stages in our journeys. I've streamlined this page to help you find the resource to best support you now. Be sure to check out The Pleasure Priority Podcast as well! 

Relentless Self Acceptance Challenge

This challenge builds a beautiful foundation for your relationship to yourself or expands on the work you've already done. It invites you inward to explore and reflect so you can learn to accept yourself so you can love yourself so you can treat yourself like the divine magical being you are.

Pleasure As A Gateway

In this series I explain how prioritizing your pleasure opens up the gates to actually having, being, doing all that you desire in life. Each part of the series explains how to use pleasure to live into your authenticity, channel your intuition, and realize your dreams.

Coffee Chat

I love getting to meet new people and learn all about them! This is not a sales call but a call for us to connect and vibe. If you wanna learn more about me, anything in my world, or think we'd make great friends let's get together and talk.

Decolonize Your Pleasure

A masterclass on unsubscribing from the singular colonized ideas of success, beauty, love, money, spirituality, honestly everything, in lieu of pleasure as a revolution. How pleasure is a means to reconnect back to self, reclaim inner desires, and protect against the inevitable stressors of life.

10 Ways to Love Yourself Better

This guide gives you the inside track to how to start feeling better TODAY. I live by these fundamentals because they truly changed my life and the lives of my clients. Now, I want to offer it to you


Stay in the loop with what trainings and live events are coming up. The live events will be in Chicago and all trainings will be virtual. You can always check back here to stay up to date!

What Our Clients Say

Yeshna N

"My biggest transformation has been accepting that my thoughts and opinions about me matter more than anyone else’s. I’ve created so much more confidence and been able to take actions in my life I was always too scared to take before. This has helped me in my relationships because I’m not always on edge with what they could potentially be thinking about me. Now I’m more in the moment and more me"
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