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Open the door to possibility

Take back control

of your life

You are so much bigger than where you are now.

The box you're in feels suffocating because it was designed to contain you, not to see you flourish

I get it, you've done mostly everything the "right" way. You've been able to check off all the checkboxes they told you that you should, and then some...but something is still missing

Whether it be the stress, the overwhelm, the frustration, the lack of overall ease and joy - the life that you've worked so hard to create, doesn't feel as you expected it to. It's more draining than fulfilling, and you don't know what to do 

You are not the (sole) problem! The systems are. Though it's not your responsibility to change the systems at play, you do have the right to change how you function in and around them. In turn, you'll not only improve your performance and strengths in every area, you'll also feel amazing doing it

It's time to actually enjoy the life you've created 

Where You Are Now

  •  You're overthinking, ruminating, and having intrusive thoughts like "I'm not doing enough" 

  • You know what to do, but you're not doing it which causes you to often feel frustrated and doubtful 

  • You want freedom, whether that be in a full time job, a side hustle, entrepreneurship, or a combination, but you don't feel fully in control of attaining it 

  • You think you're your own biggest obstacle to your success in terms of discipline, consistency, or even availability of resources

  • You're able to show up better for others than you are for yourself 

  • You've tried the calendars, the journaling, the positive self talk, the books, podcasts and such. You've even ventured into investing in online courses or other healing modalities, but nothing has stuck or got you all the way to where you want to be 

Where You Want To Be

  • You want more ease, less stress, more time dedicated to doing what you want, deeper connection, and an overarching theme of peace in your life​

  • You want to have options and choices in everything ​

  • You want to grow, expand, progress and feel fulfilled even before you hit the finish line​

  • You want to do more than exist as you are ​

  • You want to be a role model for those close to you​

  • You want to live the dream you've been thinking about for years

As your personal program manager, I offer a strategic lifestyle approach to assure the fulfillment of your overall life goals.


I help you coordinate and navigate life aspects spanning the gamut of career, relationships, family, money, and mental health with the intention to improve your pleasure and performance in each area so you can feel as good as you look on paper


The Program

Every client receives a custom plan of action, including each the following areas

1:1 Coaching

An hour a week solely dedicated to you and your needs. Each session is tailored to help you overcome every obstacle en route to your goals and celebrate each step you take closer towards them

24/7 Voxer Support

Unlimited support through Voxer, a walkie-talkie app that allows the exchange of voice and text notes for continued support in between sessions

Vault Access

Amber has a breadth of tools and experience at her disposal to best meet the needs of each individual client and will grant access to any of the necessary modalities 

“I've accomplished more in 3 months with Amber than I have with years of therapy"

Melanie B, DC

See What Clients Are Saying

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About Amber Taylor Coaching

Pleasure & Performance PM

Founded in 2020, Amber Taylor Coaching was created with the intent to be a refuge for people of color who needed time, space, and support to reconcile with the upheaval in their lives and figure out their new normal.

Since then, Amber has coached hundreds of women to be grounded in their authenticity and actually enjoy the lives they've created. She's helped women get out of toxic relationships and uplevel their lives, enter into healthy loving relationships, dominate the corporate landscape, turn side hustles into profitable businesses, heal generational trauma, change their relationship to money and financial situations, and have the audacity to prioritize their own pleasure.


She takes pride in helping her clients find the peace, security, and fulfillment that has previously alluded them.

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