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You Don't Need a Hard Wig to Live a Soft Life

Make relationships work for you sis! You don't have to settle

They’ve told you that you need to work on yourself and then you’ll find a partner


You need to check certain boxes to be able to access the type of people you want to be in partnership with


You need to be happy with what you get because relationships are just hard


You may have even heard that since you can’t make a relationship work, something is wrong with you


Or that since you don’t have a traditional relationship, it doesn’t hold as much merit or value… 


They’ve got a lot to say, and I’m calling bullsh*t.

You don’t have to keep trying to do relationships the same way just to end up pissed off, exhausted, or worse - settling


Because though they have a lot to say, they haven’t told you everything about successful relationships. 

The mainstream advice barely scratches the surface


~They don’t show you the steps in between working on yourself and having amazing relationships

 ~ They don’t teach you how to identify the relationships you want to be in

~ They don't decipher between things you can work on and things you don’t

They don’t help you navigate the decision to stay or to walk away

And they certainly don’t teach you how nontraditional relationship structures can ensure all of your needs are met, all ways always


But I do


I teach my clients how to have fulfilling relationships that foster peace, security, and growth across every aspect of their life


I help my clients stop feeling lonely even when they are alone


I show my clients how to prioritize their pleasure in and out of their relationships so their needs are always met and they can actually enjoy the lives they’ve created


Through my signature RISE Relationship Matrix, I help my clients improve the quality of all their relationships (romantic, platonic, familial & otherwise) so they improve their overall quality of life and never settle again


Following arbitrary rules gets you mediocre outcomes. Break the rules to meet your needs and exceed your dreams 

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Soft Life

A lifestyle of comfort, relaxation, security, peace, creativity, and joy with minimal stress and solo challenges. It's a lifestyle that doesn't require you to settle, or accept less than you want or deserve. 

You don't need a hard wig to live a soft life

Men have been placed at the center of a woman's ability to have a soft life, but that doesn't have to be the case

A soft life lifestyle depends on the quality of all of your relationships, romantic and otherwise

You alone have the power to determine your quality of life

You alone get to decide to never settle again

You alone get to choose your path, and the people you let join you in it

You don't have to codeswitch, people please, or shun aspects of yourself to lead a comfortable and secure life 

You do need to improve the skill of authentic decision making and unlearn all the ways you've been taught to deny yourself and your desires 

When you work with me, everything falls into place and the life of your dream becomes your reality. It's time to make your relationships work for you 


You’re not too much
You’re not too needy
You’re not too well traveled
You’re not too smart
You’re not too big
You’re not too small

You’re not too much of anything. You’re all of the right amount of you. You deserve to have every relationship you entertain in your life reflect back to you that truth and love

It's key to standardizing amazing relationships, which I define as your not too hot, not too cold, just right kind of love.
It’s sees you. It hears you. It's fun for you. It takes effort and intention to make things better for you. It expands you

We don’t have to settle for anything less in any of our relationships 

The Program

Every client receives a custom plan of action, including each the following areas

1:1 Coaching

An hour a week solely dedicated to you and your needs. Each session is tailored to help you overcome every obstacle en route to your goals and celebrate each step you take closer towards them

24/7 Voxer Support

Unlimited support through Voxer, a walkie-talkie app that allows the exchange of voice and text notes for continued support in between sessions

Vault Access

Amber has a breadth of tools and experience at her disposal to best meet the needs of each individual client and will grant access to any of the necessary modalities 

The Process

The signature framework designed to curate amazing relationships tailored to client needs

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The RISE Relationship Matrix is my signature  framework created for my clients so they can have amazing relationships and never settle in them again. It’s designed to teach them how to audit their relationships to ensure they are Reliable, Intelligent, Secure, and Exciting. It works for all relationship types - romantic, platonic, familial, working, and especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

Book your consultation call today to see how RISE can elevate you and your relationships

“I've accomplished more in 3 months with Amber than I have with years of therapy"

Melanie B, DC

See What Clients Are Saying

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About Amber Taylor Coaching

Pleasure Priority Coach

Founded in 2020, Amber Taylor Coaching was created with the intent to be a refuge for people of color who needed time, space, and support to reconcile with the upheaval in their lives and figure out their new normal.

Since then, Amber has coached hundreds of women to be grounded in their authenticity and actually enjoy the lives they've created. She's helped women get out of toxic relationships and uplevel their lives, enter into healthy loving relationships, dominate the corporate landscape, turn side hustles into profitable businesses, heal generational trauma, change their relationship to money and financial situations, and have the audacity to prioritize their own pleasure.


She takes pride in helping her clients find the peace, security, and fulfillment that has previously alluded them by teaching them make each of the relationships they're in pleasurable

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