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Creating Clarity from the Chaos

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Life is complicated 
It’s not linear and it’s certainly never exactly what you expect 
However it’s always beautiful 
Even when it twists and turns and doubles back and gets jumbled up 
It can be hard to see the beauty in something that doesn’t always make sense 
It can be difficult to identify a path forward when you can’t clearly see the next step 
It can be torturous to feel so far away from the life you really want 
My coaching helps you unravel any preconceived notion’s, any societal, patriarchal, and racist conditioning …so you can see the beauty in the imperfections 
So you can ride the wave and control the current 
So you can see that you don’t need a perfectly straight line to find your happiness, your peace, your fulfillment - or anything else you may want 
I help my clients create clarity from the chaos

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Your pleasure matters
Your joy matters
Your dreams matter
Everything about you matters
Your traumas don't define you
As a person in America, especially as a Black person socialized as a woman, I know trauma. And like everything in our worlds, I know that trauma is a key contributor in what shapes us. The good, the bad, the ugly; in ways we are conscious of and ways we don’t notice.
I help changemakers transform their impact through the vehicle of pleasure to deeply heal from their wounds of mind, body, and spirit.

This is revolutionary because when my clients prioritize their own pleasure, they stop putting the needs of others ahead of their own. They stop people pleasing. They stop trying to be something they're not. They transform the relationships they have with themselves. They give themselves the space to fully embody their most authentic self in every space they enter. They attract what they really want because they allow themselves to be who they really are. And they have fun doing it.

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The Pleasure Priority Coach

In the span of two years I completely blew up and rebuilt my life. I moved across the country to pursue a new and exciting career opportunity. Then I married my partner of 5 years at the time ignoring every single sign that told me not to. Maybe because I believed being married was a reflection of my success and lovability, also because I didn't yet see the possibility for me to demand a higher quality of love.


Then I quit my promising career at Microsoft to pursue the calling I had to help others through coaching. I started my own business and completely bet on myself. Ultimately I divorced my husband choosing to love and put myself first. Then I moved back home to rebuild myself and grow my business.
***Note, this is the super condensed version of my story but you can check out my path to purpose in my International Amazon #1 Bestseller


Now I'm the most grounded, most confident, most loving, expansive, authentic version of myself I've ever been. I have clear direction and purpose in my life by using these tools to create clarity from my chaos.


This all certainly wasn't planned out or even a linear path. It was messy and confusing and hard AF. Honestly, it snowballed because of the healing and transformations I was able to achieve through coaching. Trusting myself and my coach to dig into the hard stuff. Being vulnerable and challenging my belief systems. Having the willingness to be open, be honest, feel my feelings, and have the audacity to believe in other possibilities. Investing in coaching transformed my entire life.


Now I help others change their life so they can become the change they want to see in the world. I don't ask my clients to do anything that I haven't done myself. This is why I can see you so well and am equipped to show you how to get to another side of it.


My coaching style allows my clients to see their minds and gain clarity with what's going on in their worlds. In a judgement free, loving and safe space, I teach them how to process emotions and heal their wounds. I teach them the blueprint to create any result they want. I teach them how to unlearn the damaging and oppressive belief systems that unknowingly internalized and replace them with liberating and empowering beliefs. 

I am trauma informed and help my clients learn to heal in various ways and see how their traumas can actually fuel their growth. How putting their own pleasure first can revolutionize their life. I am confident it can transform yours too


I practice this work daily because I know it works and have made it my mission to offer this healing to changemakers everywhere. In turn, we change the world together.  


It's time to heal and grow. 

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I can't tell you how valuable Amber's been in my thought work journey these past couple of months. I didn't want a specific thing to work on with her, I signed up because I was curious how it was to work 1:1 with a coach (I just discovered thought work a few months ago). So I'd just bring something that was bugging me that week or overwhelming me and we'd look at it together. I had thoughts that I wasn't being prepared enough for coaching or that I was wasting her time somehow, but every week we'd look at a couple key elements of my thought patterns, and I'd see how that paid dividends for the rest of the week.

I had the opportunity to give a talk for approx 700 colleagues last Friday - something that I very much doubt I would have said yes to a few months ago, much less had the experience I had - which is that it was fun! I was hot and sweaty after but I felt like I showed up for myself and the audience in a way I'd never know I was capable of before. And celebrating that with Amber today was the cherry on top of the cake!

So yeah, if you've been considering signing up and investing in 1:1 coaching, I give it a strong recommend. I can't imagine that I'd have had increased my self-confidence and my understanding of how I do have the ability to create my results without her - or at least not as quickly, and certainly not had as much fun doing it. Thank you Amber!!

Joan C


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Purple Glow

"Freedom is mental clarity combined with inner peace. Freedom is when you can see without projecting and when you can live without causing yourself unnecessary mental tension or stress. It happens every moment you are not craving for more. Happiness and freedom are one."

Yung Pueblo

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