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Are you stuck in place?
Tired of being Tired?
Do you know what needs to change but are struggling to make it happen?
Are you on the verge of a goal, but can't seem to get the results you want?
Have you hit your goal but still aren't happy?
Do you put yourself last and leave no time for your own joy?

Do you just want to feel better?

I got you. You're in the right place. 

Fall Foliage

You ever felt unheard, unprotected, or undervalued?

You ever had to set your feelings aside for the greater good?

You ever had to make yourself smaller to make others feel comfortable?

You ever had to change yourself to get a seat at the table?

Yea, me too. And I'm over it. 

Amber Taylor Coaching was created with you in mind.

I offer a place for you to come undone, where you don’t always have to be strong, where you can regroup, rebuild, and learn how to bottle your power and direct it to your desires.

I teach you to find and nourish your own confidence and develop the capacity to be comfortable fully taking up space and kicking ass.


Unleash your Black Girl Magic

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I felt lost and confused about who I was and who I was supposed to be. 

I was just going through the motions of life, I found success, but it never felt good enough. I hit my goals, but I didn't feel better after, I had to just keep doing more.


Everything felt so intense and I felt out of control. Then I became more withdrawn and detached from things I liked to do and people I liked to be around. Eventually I became a shell looking to find 'the thing' that would make me whole and happy...it never came. 

When I found life coaching, everything changed. There were now possibilities and solutions to explore, and I knew I wasn't alone. Coaching has given me the certainty that who I am: the good, the bad, the ugly; is enough. Not only am I enough but I am necessary in this world. Showing up as anything other than me being authentically me is no longer in my cards.

Freedom. Authenticity. Confidence. Creativity. Power 


I got my power back along with a fire in my belly and the tools to keep the momentum going. 

Now I coach others to take back their power and create the life they want to live!

Are you ready to level up? Your future self will thank you


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Amber’s approach to coaching is so unique due to her ability to truly listen and provide constructive thoughts and perspectives that can change your entire outlook on the situation. I appreciate my time with her because I feel confident in my ability to hold myself more accountable for my actions and my ability to commit to achieving the goals I strive to achieve. I find these to be the most challenging sessions I’ve sat in just because it is not based in the “yes man” mentality. It is a true commitment to “hold myself accountable and genuinely honor myself. Thankful for her infinite wisdom, patience, and grace! Would definitely recommend.

Jenae B

"Freedom is mental clarity combined with inner peace. Freedom is when you can see without projecting and when you can live without causing yourself unnecessary mental tension or stress. It happens every moment you are not craving for more. Happiness and freedom are one."

Yung Pueblo

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