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14 Days to Self Acceptance: Welcome

Self-acceptance is self-preservation. It's the starting point for everything. It's required to like ourselves and love ourselves. It's required to have fun. It's required to learn, to grow, to build resilience. It's required to make change. It's required to live a life you love. 

So why do so many people struggle with it?

Because we are taught to deny ourselves. We are taught that one very specific view of how to be a human is "right" and everything else is "wrong". So we reject any part of us that society deems unacceptable. 

However, just as we can learn we can unlearn. We can accept the pieces of ourselves we were taught to deny. We can accept and love ourselves fully so we can then:

  • advocate for ourselves fully 

  • walk in our light

  • live freely 

  • enjoy the present and look forward to the future 

  • create our dreams unapologetically 

  • and so much more 

This challenge helps you connect on a deeper level with yourself and get to know yourself in more intimate ways. It allows for forgiveness and healing and growth. It prompts reflection and inner dialogue. And it's fully self-paced and repeatable as many times as you want to. This challenge begins a transformation in relating to yourself in a more encouraging and positive way. 

Start at any time! 

Leaf Pattern Design
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