Creating Clarity from the Chaos


Are you interested in coaching, but not sure what it entails or where to start? Do you have questions for me or would like to make sure we're a good fit? Take advantage of this Black Girl Magic Clarity Call to talk with me about your unique needs and interests. We'll create a personalized plan of action towards your goals. Book today!

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Self love isn't some mystical magical place you just arrive at. You gotta put in the work to get there 

There's levels to it

Before you love yourself, you gotta like yourself

Before you like yourself, you gotta accept yourself

In this 2 week challenge, I'll teach you how

Start at any time!


The Black Girl Magic Playbook is a 6 month 1:1 coaching container. I equip you with the tools for full level ups in all areas of your life. You'll drop the negative self talk and be empowered to take up the space you deserve. You'll create a personalized pleasure practice and deprogram from oppressive systems and limiting beliefs. You're exactly who you are for a reason. Let me help you unleash your power.

I understand that each individual that comes to me has unique circumstances, needs, and learning styles. That's why I make my program as flexible. We'll work together to tailor a flow for your specific needs and goals. 

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