The Void

Are you always planning? Doing? Achieving?

Is your to do list ever really complete?

Are you comfortable with empty space or do you feel a need to fill it up?

When you lean into free time, time to truly let your mind wander with no distractions, you enter into a space I like to call the void.

The void offers space, creativity, reflection, room to grow, discovery…simply it allows for clarity

It's the sounding board within all of us

Spending time in the void allows you to elevate yourself and level up. Without this, we stay distracted in the frames instead of looking at the bigger picture

The void allows us to move forward, without it we stay busy enough to keep doing the same things and making the same mistakes

Lean into a meditation to be alone with your thoughts and see what comes up. Stay in it through the uncomfortability of the stillness. Lean into the void

Image from @peopleofcolours on IG