The Ideal Relationship

When you think of an ideal relationship, what does it look like?

Is it different from when you imagine a romantic relationship versus a familial one? What about working relationships? Are there different ways you look at employees, versus peers, versus your boss?

What would make the relationship ideal?

Is it that they're timely?

Is it nice to be around them?

Do they comfort you?

Are they're a great listener?

Do they bring their own set of skills to the table, skills that compliment yours?

Do they look a certain way?

Do they do certain things?

Ask yourself, what about these relationships makes them ideal?

Then ask yourself, what am I bringing to them?

Do your wants match what you provide?

When you want someone to comfort you, are you there for others, do you listen?

If you want them to look a certain way, do you keep up with your appearance?

Are you nice to be around?

Do you align with the type of people you want to attract?

Honestly…do you?

No matter what type of relationship you have in your life, you can dictate how you want it to go.

I can help you find the distance between where you're at now and where you want to be. I can help you create your ideal relationships all throughout your life.

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