I Hate People

I hate people

I used to always say that

As a kid, as a teenager, as a college student, as an adult…

Those that knew me best always heard something along the lines of "I can't stand that *****"

I ONLY watched cartoons for yearsssss, because I hated people. My family will attest 😂

I hated people because…

👎🏾I hated feeling small and like I didn't matter

👎🏾I hated feeling like everyone was out to hurt me

👎🏾I hated feeling like I couldn't trust anyone

👎🏾I hated believing vulnerability always leads to disappointment

👎🏾I hated feeling like no one listened to me

👎🏾I hated feeling like no one had my back

👎🏾I hated that people just didn't do what I said

👎🏾Mostly, I hated feeling like I couldn't be myself

So I defaulted to the thought that I hate people and truly believed it

🙄I didn't go out to meet new people because duh "I hate people"

🙄I didn't try new activities because "I hate people"

🙄I didn't put myself out there for new opportunities because "I hate people"

🙄I didn't do anything outside of my comfort zone because "I hate people"

🙄It was muscle memory. I didn't even think about it, it just became default

I created a detached experience with not only the people around me but also myself only because I believed I hated people and kept repeating that story over and over again making it that much easier to believe🤯🤯

Thought work taught me how to process what I feel

And I learned I only feel that hatred towards people because of what I thought about them

And I learned I always get to choose what I want to think #majorkey🔑

I learned that human brains default to focusing on negativity and danger. It's a survival technique: preserve life and safety at all costs; engrained in us as we've evolved, but isn't always useful in this day and age

I now know there wasn't really anything to fear about the majority of the people I thought I hated. The difference between them and the ones I loved is what I thought about my relationship with them and what I thought about how they see me

The story I have in my head about them is what drives my feelings. So why not choose the story that serves me better?

Illustration by @christineowensart

So I dropped the fear, frustration, anger, and all that other shit

Now, I choose to focus on feeling love, and I how I can create more of it

It doesn't matter what anyone else does or doesn't do

They can't make me feel anything, only I hold that power.

The key is me✨

Disclaimer: This process IS NOT overnight and I still hate some people 😅🤣

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