For the Person You Can't Stand

There's always that one person, the family member, the coworker, the one person in your friend group that you just can't stand sometimes.

It comes up when they talk about their favorite sports team, music, or political view; essentially when their opinions or views starkly contrast yours. They always belittle women, or yell at their kids, or waste money, or whatever the behavior that you just can't stand.

You dread being around them, you worry what they'll do, you work yourself up about a reality where they just 'act right', and ultimately you suffer because they aren't behaving as you think they should.

The anguish and pain you feel over what they do is only because you think that they should do something differently. You resisting them as they are and judging them for not being who you think they should be, is really the source of your suffering.

What if you just accepted them as they are? Not necessarily condoning their behavior but accepting it as it is what it is.

Like of course they did that, they always do.

Do you want to allow yourself to get upset because someone else continues to act as they normally do? What if you were unbothered by the person you currently can't stand?

When you can accept that this person can and will do anything they want to do, even if you think it's horrible and they shouldn't be doing it, you also accept however you want to feel about it too.

Giving them the freedom to act as they want gives you the freedom to do the same.

They did the thing, so what? What do you want to make it mean? What do you want to do next? How do you want to show up?