2021: Moving Forward

Hi friends,

Here we are at the end of the first week of 2021. If anything, we know that just because a number on a calendar ticks up, doesn't necessarily mean the times are changing. This week we witnessed two polar opposites of American History.

Georgia flipped the senate! History was made when Raphael Warnock, Georgia's first liberal Black Senator, and Jon Ossoff, Georgia's first Jewish Senator, were elected into office. We dethroned Mitch McConnell. We showed the power of organizing and exercising our right to vote.

Then, we witnessed just how engrained white supremacy is in this country when Trumped supporters formed a coup and stormed the Capital. Police and military not only allowed it, but some participated in the chaos.

I'm tired.

I'm pissed.

But I'm also in awe of what we continue to accomplish.

I'm inspired by how we continue to move forward.

I'm hopeful of the changes coming.

It's okay to feel however you want to feel about all of this and anything else going on in your life. You can be happy or angry, inspired or disillusioned, energized or depleted, or a combination of anything. Give yourself the grace to feel how you feel right now.

As you feel, take time to rest as you need it.

Rest is healing for the soul.

You don't have to keep holding things together when they need to fall apart. You can pick up the pieces later.

Protect your peace and your joy. Alexandra Elle (alex_elle) shared a meditation that hit me right in my feels so I wanted to share with you all as well:

Hatred won't steal my joy.

White supremacy won't steal my joy.

Racism won't steal my joy.

My joy deserves to be basked in.

My joy deserves to be lived in.

My happiness is non-negotiable.

I will not let anyone, anywhere, disrupt my joy.

My joy is mine and I will not back down.

Joy is mine. I am committed to it. Peace is mine. I am protecting it.

I hope this meditation serves you well, or inspires one of your own.

You've got this!