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Pleasure Coaching 

Pleasure coaching is about so much more than sex.

It's about truly being who you want and doing what you want in your life because it makes sense to you. It's about actually enjoying the little things and the big ones. It's about changing your relationship to healing (you don't have to constantly be growing), productivity (your material output has nothing to do with your worth), and your purpose (you are allowed to evolve and change as is your work in this world). It's about allowing your rest and your pleasure to be at the forefront of your decision making. 

This is for you if you want freedom. 

This is for you if you want joy. 

This is for you if you want confidence in yourself NOW regardless of checking off that next thing.

This is for you if you want to tear down the walls corralling you into a particular space.


This is for you if you want to choose your destination as long as you're willing to ride with the journey. 

For me, the true value in investing in coaching with Amber has been learning to have my own back. Learning to allow my feelings to be my feelings, and not dismiss or attempt to change all “negative” emotions. Guilt is not inherently negative etc. 

She really helped me get in touch with and acknowledge what I actually want, and that I can have it, whatever that is. Which is huge step in claiming my authority over my life and making those far off fantasies a real reality! 


No matter what you're coming with, when we decide to work together, I got you. We outline where you want to be in 6 months and what transformations would need to take place for you to become that person. I use my bag of tricks to facilitate  your whole life transformation - as my clients attest, even doing this work in just one area has ripple out effects.

I am well trained in mindset work, somatic tools, trauma healing, and nervous system regulation. I use my training and expertise to develop a flexible coaching approach that meets your particular needs. Then together, we make magic

I was drawn to work with you because I love the way that you just keep digging. You ask questions and unpick all the assumptions that I thought were fixed things in the world. It’s something that I would have never been able to do on my own. I needed to be in that space with you and for you to ask me those questions in those ways so I could think about it in new ways. You also have a playfulness that makes me enjoy laughing at myself. It minimizes the shame and judgement to where I’m just like oh this is kinda cute and funny that I do this I was concerned that my issues were too trivial. I know you’re a professional and are used to dealing with people pouring out their hearts, but does what I have to talk about matter? Which is why I was most surprised that there was never anything that I brought to the table that you were like, oh shit, no, we can’t talk about that here. The fact that I could come with a half-baked thought sometimes and other times I’d come with what I’ve been thinking, and I knew over the hour we’d make sense of the mess in my head. There was nothing that was off the table, and I didn’t need to put my needs into perfect packaging. My favorite thing about the work so far has been the little unexpected breakthroughs. Not the big issue I want to talk about but the small pieces that shift different areas of my life. I’ve felt the reverberations of these shifts in how I think about myself, which plays out in all the situations I’m in My biggest transformation has been the words I use to describe myself. I used to say I was needy and wanted too much and difficult which really made me second guess myself, but so much peace has come from seeing that other people aren’t just right about me and I’m wrong, but that we see things differently and that’s totally fine. I also have centered myself and internalized the lesson that it’s okay to recognize something in myself that I want to work on and choose people in my life that make that easier. One of the cascading effects is that it helps burst my perfectionist bubble because it’s not about meeting the universal definition of perfection but taking the pressure off by making peace with who you are. I would recommend you to people that are self-aware enough to think about how they think and feel and show up in the world and know they are interested in investing in this part of their life and not just accepting things they can change.


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