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Work With Me

I'd love to explore working with you! The best way to get started is with a consultation call. In this free 60 minute call you'll begin to experience the effects of working with me and the affect it will have on your life. 

Consultation Call

The consultation call is a free 60 minute call dedicated to understanding, you, your unique needs and defining our roadmap to achieving your exact recipe to your peace, security, and fulfilment. I'll create your customized offer and action plan and we'll decide if we're a good fit to work together for your shameless evolution.

See you there!


Single Session

The Single isn't just your average quickie. Indulge in 60 minutes dedicated solely to the identification and fulfillment of your needs and desires. We set an intention at the beginning of the call and by the end you will leave with clarity, confidence, and momentum. You will know how to move forward and make lasting change. You will genuinely feel better.

This is perfect for returning clients who want a little maintenance here and there

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