I love helping black women exceed their potential! We are so often unheard, unprotected, undervalued and overlooked; but still against the odds, we rise. 


My mission is the empowerment of black women. My aim is to hear, protect, value, and see YOU. My coaching style offers a place for you to come undone, where you don’t always have to be strong, where you can regroup, rebuild, and learn how to bottle your power and direct it to your desires. I help you to overcome the traditional pitfalls of systemic oppression and create the confidence, worth, and capacity to thrive in the life you’ve dreamed of. More simply, I teach you how to feel better consistently overall.

I'm a certified coach utilizing a methodology that WORKS. I am my own testimony, I've struggled with relationships, career, body image self esteem, mental health issues, family drama, and so much more. Nothing has helped me like this work has. It's truly life changing, so I started this business to change lives. It energizes me to see others living in the freedom of loving themselves and creating their own happiness. See for yourself and start getting the results you've always wanted. Why wait?